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We want to take this opportunity to thank you for entrusting us with your patients.

Pacific Pet and Allergy Clinic is a referral dermatology clinic. The client will be referred back to the primary veterinarian for any non-dermatology related problems.

We will need the patients records in order to make an effective diagnosis and formulate the treatment plan. I would appreciate it if you copy the medical record (anything relevant to the skin problem) for the owner to take home at the time when you make a referral.

A referral letter will be faxed to you after each appointment. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any question or suggestion.

Interested in having in-house dermatology consult a few days a month? We can talk about it!

News from Pacific Pet Skin & Allergy Clinic

I provide an affordable allergy skin test. Studies show that earlier you start on allergy serum, the better they respond. Allergy test and allergy serum treatment (injection or sublingual drops) should be one of the first treatment, not the last!! Please have your client call for the details.